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What is H3RO3S

Since the beginning of Covid-19 the ‘Student Experience’ has severely suffered from the inability to engage in social contact. This especially effects the mental well-being of people as well as the reputation of the Universities.

H3RO3S provides a fun and interactive platform where friends or strangers are able to complete tasks for one another to gain tokens while maintaining social distancing.

An example task may be to read over an assignment before submission. Tasks that people would do regardless are now rewarded.

The options are limitless!

#Everyone Deserves to Fly

Does not matter WHO you are or WHERE you are from
Help yourself by Helping others

Do simple tasks and earn $$$
Become the best possible version of yourself!


Day in the life
of H3RO3S

G(ood) A(chieve) L(egacy)

Providing a Variety of 45 Talents
Over 100+ Tasks


Personalised portfolio of every user where feedback and ratings are presented that provide evidence why a particular user is able to complete the task you requested.


Connects users on talent based matching to complete tasks and receive Tokens in return.


Provides access to emergency numbers that users can then call with their mobile provider.


Didn’t recieve a verification code?

Customized User Experience!



Conception of H3RO3S & 30 YEAR PLAN H3RO3S Trademark


Development of H3RO3S App 2021- Fund raising Token Generation Event & IDO Q 4 Pre-registration on H3RO3S.COM Building H3RO3S Community


Launch of Services Q 1 Represented in London Universities Launching H3RO3S Marketing System Outsourcing Content Managers and Sales Representatives


Represented in all UK Universities


Represented in sister Universities of UK Unversities


H3RO3S Globally recognized Real Life Play 2 Earn Fulfillment of 30 year plan

Token Economics

H3RO3S tokens will be created upon launch of the system for the platform. No tokens will be created in the future.

1,000,000,000 (1B)


Gregory Crous (CEO)

BA International Relations / Global Business Queen Mary’s University London

Maksym Slonskyi (CMO)

MSc Marketing Psychology Regents University / Queen Mary’s University London

Valeria Slonskaya (CHRO)

MSc Logistics Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Valerio Cocchi (COO)

BA Mathematics Oxford

Rebecca Crous (CFO)

BA Global Management & Finance MSc Management & Business Commerce University College London

Siddharth Sharma (CLO)

LLB- IPR, Amity University


Evan Luthra

Forbes Tech Council, 30 under 30 Entrepreneur, Investor, speaker and global thought leader in crypto

Lester Lim

Founder of X21 Digital, Strategic Advisor to PolkaFantasy, DAOventures, MahaDAO Leader in startup incubation

Mario Nawfal

CEO of NFT technologies, IBC Groups, Wegrowthhackers

Alexandra Karpova

CEO of Crypto PR Lab & Advisory, Venture partner at Andra Capital


X21 Digital
Lotus Venture Capital
Dutch Crypto Investors
Maximus Capital
Halvings Capital
Moon Carl

Mandy's ICO Research

Bitcoin Guru
Crypto nation
Crypto Curry
Crypto legend

Altcoin alerts
Thugs Capital

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